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Why Athletes Should Eat More Fish

Benefits of Fish Fish has been getting a lot of publicity lately due to research indicating that it is good for the heart. The research suggests that eating two servings of fatty fish a week could reduce the risk of … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating Made Simple! Snacks

Scrumptious Snacks! Snacks are important because they help keep our blood sugar from crashing between meals. For athletes, snacks can be an important part of recovery if the snack is consumed after a workout. If eaten prior to a workout, … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating Made Simple! Dinner

In my previous posts I talked about the importance of eating a healthy breakfast and lunch. The dinner meal is important for recovery after an afternoon workout. If you do not train in the afternoon/evening eating a healthy dinner is … Continue reading

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healthy eating made simple! Lunch

Eating a healthy lunch can improve performance by ensuring you get the energy you need to make it through the day. This is especially important for an afternoon/evening workout. Try some of these fresh and easy ideas. Make a pita! … Continue reading

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